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Birth of MESTIZA

"Mestiza” is a term embraced in the Filipino community as a way to describe a person of mixed ethnicities. Founder, Ashley Paloma, heard this term directed at she and her siblings growing up, which contributed to this word becoming a central part of her identity. Mestiza Original’s style is heavily influenced by a Mexican, Filipino, Chinese, Burmese and Catholic upbringing.

Geodes, at the center of every design, are an ode to her childhood home in the beautiful state of Washington. Hawaii has been Ashley Paloma’s ‘chosen’ home for many years, drawing inspiration from the island elements in many of her designs.

MESTIZA Inspiration

"My grandmother and mother are the two most iconic fashion influences of my life. My "lola" demonstrated grace through her faith and affinity for sophisticated fashion, and my mother balanced her elegant style with GUESS mini skirts and hoop earrings. The women I love the most have influenced my collections more than they know and my heart will always flow into my designs."

 -Ashley Paloma

Founder & Creator: Ashley Paloma

Established in 2016

Handmade in Olympia, Washington